As our world develops and new technologies are introduced, it is vital to secure the raw materials that support the advancement of mankind.  Our mission at Nordic Geo Support is to become the leading supplier of sustainable solutions for customers in mining, quarrying, energy and asset maintenance markets.

Our global experience offers our customers the most comprehensive understanding of market needs and brings a customer-centred focus to the industry.  Our commitment is to the environment, sustainability and product performance through quality solutions. Our selected partners are specialists and experts in their specific industry and are continually advancing technology with Nordic Geo Support.

Underground Mining

 Nordic Geo Support is a specialist in water management, ventilation, geotechnical solutions and rock reinforcement and supports products as well as advancement technologies for the underground hard rock, metalliferous, soft rock and coal mining sectors.

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Surface Mining & Quarries

 Nordic Geo Support is a specialist in consumable drilling technologies, water management, and geotechnical solutions for surface mines and quarries. Before, during and after the mining activity has taken place, environmental controls and rehabilitation of the areas must be carried out as part of the sustainable mining cycle. Sustainability is central to the Nordic Geo Support philosophy and way of working.

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Exploration & Investigation Drilling

 Critical to mining activity is the exploration for new assets as well as mapping of current assets in active or closed mine areas to continually find new locations for development and production. Whether green field or brown field activity, Nordic Geo Support has solutions to meet the demands of this segment.

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