Anchors and bolting – steel products

Nordic Geo Support offers a range of bolting technologies for mining, tunnelling and construction applications. Because bolt sizes and lengths are determined by the geotechnical needs and equipment preferences, Nordic Geo Support works closely with each customer to offer the right product to meet the challenges of the conditions in the excavated area.

NordicGEO Self Drilling Bolts

Nordic Geo Support offers a range of Self-Drilling bolts (also known as Self Drilling Anchors or SDAs). These are versatile and offer an efficient way to rock bolting in projects. Ideal in unstable ground conditions, the bolt acts as a drill string that remains in the hole after drilling. The bolt is post grouted to secure the bolt in position. The bar can be extended by using couplings where deeper tendons are required for securing ground, replacing cable technologies, especially in unstable ground conditions.

NordicGEO Self Drilling Anchors – SDA (PDF)

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Typical ground situations

  • Where fractured or broken ground is present
  • Where boreholes close or move post drilling
  • Consolidated rock, where productivity is required

Typical Applications

  • Rock bolting
  • Spiling in tunnels
  • Face stabilisation
  • Slope stability
  • Piling and foundations

Coated Combination Bolt Technologies

Immediate roof support with permanent design features

These are steel bolts covered in several coatings to protect them against corrosion – for example, a galvanization layer and then an epoxy coating. Combination bolts are designed for permanent rock support. A combination bolt is installed for immediate support of rock, anchored by an expansion shell, then grouted to form a permanent support element. The bolt and the mortar created a stiff system that can be used in most rock support applications. As variants, combination bolts can have multiple layers for added durability or a plastic sheath around the bolt.

Double Corrosion Protected Combination bolts (PDF)                                                         More information – contact Nordic Geo Support

NordicGEO Friction Bolt Technologies

Immediate roof support

Friction bolts are much more cost effective compared to inflatable bolt technologies which require the investment in additional complex pumps and equipment. This is a very cost effective technology for short-term applications. This type of bolt provides immediate support to the rock.

NordicGEO Friction Bolts – Split Sets (PDF)

Available in sizes ø33, ø39 and ø48

  • Fast to install using the hammer from the drill for insertion
  • Immediate support to the roof using the interference fit concept
  • Acts as an independent or secondary bolting roof support system.
  • Various lengths are available to meet mine requirements.

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NordicGEO Plain bolts

Nordic Geo Support offers a range of plain bolting technologies for mining, tunnelling and construction applications. The category encompasses the simplest “black” steel bolts which have no special coatings or properties. The bolts can be grouting in place or secured with an expansion shell. These are ideally for short-term applications, for example, in the mining sector or temporary bolts for tunnels.

Resin Bolts and Anchors

The resin cartridges are placed into the borehole and then the bolt with a special mixing blade is spun as it is inserted into the hole mixing and setting the resin. The setting time of the capsule is predetermined and allows for fast loading of the bolt

NordicGEO Plain bolts (PDF)


SN anchors are primarily used in tunnelling and special civil engineering applications. The bolts are ribbed increasing friction and bonding to the grout. The grout is injected into the borehole and the anchor is driven into the grout, creating an encapsulated bolt. Different characteristics are available depending on the application.

Expansion shell anchors

Expanding shell anchors create a secure point at the toe of the bore hole, transferring load into the rock, for immediate load-bearing capacity. Resins or mortars are not required to secure the anchor.

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