Injection Grouts & Resins

Nordic Geo Support offers high-performance resin and grouting solutions to place our customers at the leading edge of sustainable bolting, sealing, consolidation and stabilisation of rock and soils. Our expertise in design and application as well as our understanding of the total solution from drilling to grouting and capital equipment solutions means we offer the complete system to our customers.

Single Component Polyurethane Resins

An easy to use flexible to semi rigid injection polyurethane resin where water or moisture is present. When injecting into dry soils, prewet the target area to initiate setting. Ideal in ground consolidation, sealing of cracks and filling of cavities. Different resins are available, depending on the target zone materials to be injected.

One Component PUR Resin Selection Guide (PDF)

Nordic PUR 1C Overview               More information – contact Nordic Geo Support

NordicPUR Ultra Fine

One Component Resin for Fine Soils and Structural Work

Developed as a low viscosity grout for deeper injection, injection into fine soils and sands and structural repairs.

NordicPUR Ultra Fine TDS (PDF)

NordicPUR Micro Fine

One Component Resin Coarse Ground and Gravels

Developed as a higher viscosity grout for consolidation in coarse materials such as sands and gravels. A faster reaction time for sealing against ground water.

NordicPUR Micro Fine TDS (PDF)

NordicPUR Crack Seal

One Component Resin For Cracks and Fissures

Developed as a flexible, foaming resin for wider cracks and fissures. Ideal in stopping water at higher flow.

NordicPUR Crack Seal TDS (PDF)

NordicPUR Rock Seal

One Component Foaming Resin for Cavity Filling

Developed as a higher foaming resin for filling of cavities, fissure sealing and ground consolidation.

NordicPUR Rock Seal TDS (PDF)