Pumps & Mixers

Nordic Geo Support offer our customers high-quality, high-performance products in the field of mixing and conveying and injection technology. The equipment is renowned as sturdy, user-friendly, easy to maintain and reliable. If you can’t find the product that you want listed below, feel free to contact us at Nordic Geo Support.

Resin Injection Pumps

We offer a selected range of flexible application pumps and pumping systems for injection resins.

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Cement Mixers & Pumps

Versatile and easy to use and maintain grout pump. The Rockcreter C70A is a machine offering advantages of both grouting and plastering applications as well as low output shotcrete. The pump as a direct drive and good mixing times are ensured. 

NordicGEO Grout Pump Rockcreter C70A

NordicGEO Grout Pump Rockcreter TS


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Accessories for cements and resins

Apart from mixing and pumping, cement and resin based products require a way to deliver the product. Whether via injection technology or pumped delivery, it is important to ensure the system to optimises delivery via hoses, lances and packers correctly matched to the project needs.

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Screw Feed Cement PumpTechnologies

We offer the internationally renowned MAI pump range for cement-based products.

NGS MAI Cement Pumps Catalogue

NordicGEO MAI Pumps Presentation

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Cement Handling Systems

Apart from mixing and pumping, cement and resin based products require a way to deliver the product. Whether via injection technology or pumped delivery, it is important to ensure the system to optimise delivery.

NGS MAI Cement Pumps Catalogue

NordicGEO MAI Pumps Presentatition

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Engineered Mixing and Delivery Systems

Nordic GEO Support offers an extensive range of engineered solution to meeting the demands of miners and construction customers. Our team works closely with out end customers and specialists to develop the best solution to meet the project’s demands.

Engineered Pump Technologies


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Shotcreting System

The Rockcreter dry shotcreting series is designed for use in mining, construction, tunnelling and refractory applications. A leading machine for transporting any form of dry mix material. It is compact and robust, requiring little maintenance. 

NordicGEO Shotcreting Equipment

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Data Logging

Measuring and recording of the quality of a project depends on pressure, flow and volume parameters of cement grout. ​ Data downloading to PC, in order to create and print Easily export data to Microsoft Excel. 

DAT instruments – Catalogue

DAT WideLog TinyLog Brochure

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Water pumps

We offer a range of robust pumps for de-watering and transfer of water.


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