Injection Grouts & Resins

Nordic Geo Support offers high-performance resin and grouting solutions to place our customers at the leading edge of sustainable bolting, sealing, consolidation and stabilisation of rock and soils. Our expertise in design and application as well as our understanding of the total solution from drilling to grouting and capital equipment solutions means we offer the complete system to our customers.

Acrylate Resins

Acrylate gels are ideal injection materials that are suitable for the stabilisation of dry and moist gravel and sand bases and hence to create ground stabilisation. Similarly, crack injection in concrete structures requires products that are capable of addressing movement, expansion and contraction as well as water bearing situations that can jeopardise the safety of a structure. Feature of acrylate gels includes:

  • Viscosity is comparable with the one of water. Thus hair cracks can be grouted successfully
  • Penetrates even into fine sandy soils
  • Successful grouting into micro cracks.
  • Adjustable to soil conditions
  • Solidifying and sealing effect in one operation
  • No risk of corrosion on the reinforcement
  • High mechanical strength

NordicACR Injection Technologies

NordicACR Gels Curtain Grouting 

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NordicACR Eco

A three-component, water-expanding hydrogel on acrylate or methacrylate basis that hardens to an elastic product. It is characterised by the low blending viscosity that is almost equivalent to the viscosity of water, creating a series of renovation procedures possible that cannot be accomplished with other injection materials of a higher viscosity.

NordicACR Eco TDS

NordicACR Flex 

A three-component, water-expanding hydrogel on acrylate or methacrylate basis that hardens to a rubber-like, flexible product. It is characterised by the extremely low blending viscosity that is almost equivalent to the viscosity of water, creating a series of renovation procedures possible that cannot be accomplished with other injection materials of a higher viscosity.

Nordic ACR Flex TDS