Nordic Geo Support offers a range of products for ventilation, including an innovative semi-rigid duct system, re-usable service hangers to carry vent ducts and the associated cables and robust, cost effective ventilations systems for more basic situations.

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Ventilation ducts

Semi-rigid ducting

An innovative semi-rigid duct system which can substantially reduce the running costs of the ventilation and therefore the carbon footprint too.

NordicGEO Mecanicad Vent Systems

Mining and Tunnel Ventilation System – Mecanicad

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Robust ventilation systems

For basic situations 

This range of products is suitable for situations where cost-effectiveness is critical and simple, robust equipment is needed.

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Re-usable service hangers

Quick and easy to install

The Mount Batten services hook and hanger range is the faster way to install services hangers to maximise the operational time of your project.

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