Service Hooks and Hangers

Nordic Geo Support recognises the importance of installing services as fast as possible on a project, mine or an advancing tunnel. The NordicGEO services hook and hanger range is the faster way to install services hangers to maximise the operational time of your project. Ideal for use as an  immediate or temporary solution to advance ventilation, electrical cabling, water lines or pneumatic lines or to secure distribution boxes or other services faster. Not only are these hangers simple and fast to install but they also have a “quick release” mechanism which allows them to be removed and re-used elsewhere.

NordicGEO Service hooks (PDF)

NordicGEO Service hangers detailed presentation (PDF)

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NordicGEO Blasting hooks

A faster and flexible way to manage blasting cables, these hooks are made entirely from plastic. They are quick to install and provide a simple way to gather all the blast cables together neatly. This speeds up production compared to manual tying of cables and improves safety by minimising the time spent at the face. Being plastic, they do not contaminate the blasted ore, removing the potential problem with steel in the mine’s crushers.

NordicGEO Blasting Hooks (PDF)

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