Nordic Geo Support in partnership with Dolenco is proud to offer the innovative TunnelDrain system.

Tunnel Drain – the new alternative to strip drains

Tunnel Drain is ideal for drained excavations whether this is rock tunnel or mine or a piled excavation or tunnel in soft ground.

Strip drains are often used in situations where there is water ingress over a larger area in the ground and it cannot be isolated in discrete points. The main disadvantage of the strip drains is that they prevent the rock support bonding to the rock.

The innovative Tunnel Drain overcomes this while at the same time providing effective water management.

Here is the brochure and the installation guide. Click on the image opposite to watch Tunnel Drain in action or click here to watch the installation in a tunnel.

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Visit TunnelDrain’s website here

Drained box excavations

Tunnel Drain is also suitable for a range of deep excavations such as tunnel portals and approach ramps, basements and deep excavations where the design calls for a drained solution. By using this drainage mesh, instead of air gaps or voids filled with granular material, significant savings can be made in terms of time, cost and embodied carbon. Schematics of possible details can be found here.  Each application depends on the precise circumstances and customers are advised to obtain design advice.

In this video, you can see the drainage mesh being applied – click here to view it.

More information – contact Nordic Geo Support