Drilling Consumables

Nordic Geo Support is an expert in total technology solutions in drilling, advancement and rock excavations for the mining, energy, tunnelling and construction industries. This range includes button, cross and X-design bits, couplings, coupling adapters, shank rods, bit adapters and thread adapters in a full selection of standard diameters. The development of DTH technologies has created most efficient Down-The-Hole (DTH) precision hammers and associated bits. We also offer a complete range of extension rods including male-male and male-female configurations, round and hex cross-section shapes, various lengths and different heat treatment options.

Optimal performance on energy transfer is essential to DTH drilling efficiency. Nordic Geo Support works with industry leaders to bring energy efficient, high performance and long-life hammers, bits and accessories to the mining, construction, foundation and energy and water well drillers.

  • Efficient designs for maximum penetration rates
  • Hammer designs reducing piston turbulence
  • Optimised Energy Transfer
  • Hammer designs with fewer parts for easier maintenance

Nordic Geo Support offers a complete selection of high-performance bits, rods, shankadapters and accessories employing various technologies for optimal performance meeting the needs of various rock conditions and drilling requirements. Of note are the innovative B6 drill bit which is designed to increase drilling efficiency and to reduce operating costs for hard rock drilling and blasting operations and the XT Vector Extension rods for straighter holes and easier breakout. . Longer Bit life.

Nordic Geo Support works with selective leading manfacturers in the rotary drilling, drill pipe and accessories to bring high performance drill string solutions to the customer. Designs and development are focused on specific drilling applications for mining, blast hole and construction drillers.

Noridc Geo Support works with the world’s leading manufacturers of core drilling equipment. Our aim has always been clear: to develop safe and environmentally friendly products with sustainable productivity. As example, the Terracore drilling system is a result from this effort and covers a comprehensive complete package of in-the-hole equipment. Conventional and wireline core barrels, drill rods and casings, core boxes, additives, adapters and fishing tools, not to mention a wide range of drilling bits to make core drilling reliable and fast.

Tunnelling, mining and construction engineers around the look for suppliers that can offer a complete range of tools for tunnelling, excavation, bolting and drifting projects ranging from mining to dams and other civil engineering projects. Many customers select the Nordic Geo Support drilling and advancement systems due to the wide range of technologies available to address the specific rock conditions on the project.

Nordic Geo Support has a comprehensive offer for addressing then needs of miners, tunneller, energy and water and urban drillers. Fome underground to surface applications Nordic Geo Support brings the total solution to the driller. Support technologies for excavation and drill sharpening complete the range on offer optimising the performance of the products in service.