Drainage Products

Nordic Geo Support supplies a range of basic drainage products for water management

NordicGEO Tunnel Drainage Overview                                                  NordicGEO Tunneldrain TDS

TunnelDrain – the new alternative to strip drains

Nordic Geo Support in partnership with Dolenco is proud to offer the innovative TunnelDrain system.

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NordicGeo Tunnel Drainage Overview

NordicGEO Tunneldrain TDS

Strip drains are often used in situations where there is water ingress over a larger area in the ground and it cannot be isolated in discrete points. The main disadvantage of the strip drains is that they prevent the rock support bonding to the rock.

The innovative TunnelDrain overcomes this while at the same time providing effective water management. 

    Drainage Tubes

    Nordic Geo Support offers the broadest range of ground water management solutions including drilling consumables, rock injection solutions and cement additives. Our drainage offer is one of the widest available from leading global suppliers.

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    Drainage tubes (PDF)

    Drainage systems include:

    • Rigid PVC slotted drainage pipes
    • Drainage pipeline systems
    • Self drilling drainage pipes
    • Well pumping filters
    • Geo-composite sheets
    • Service hangers for drainage and other services management during the project